Eurocrypt 2002


April 28 - May 2, 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Registration forms

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For registration you may download and print these registration forms (PDF). Personalized registration forms for those who have attended Eurocrypt in recent years are currently being mailed out by the IACR General Secretariat. There are three registration forms:

  • Form A (required) for conference registration
    - fax to IACR General Secretariat in the US at +1 805 893 7287
    - deadline: March 8, 2002 (after this date, add $80 per registered person)
    - FSE 2002 attendees see this Note on registration

  • Form B (optional) for hotel booking Okura/excursions
    - fax to TUE Congress Office in the Netherlands at +31 40 245 8195
    - deadline: February 28, 2002 (after this date, reduced rates not guaranteed)

  • Form C (optional) for hotel booking with RAI Hotel Service
    - fax to RAI Hotel Service in the Netherlands at +31 20 549 1947
    - deadline: February 21, 2002 (after this date, reduced rates not guaranteed)

General Information

At the conference each participant gets a copy of the proceedings as published in Springer-Verlag's LNCS series. In addition, each participant becomes a member of IACR for the next calendar year, which includes a subscription to the Journal of Cryptology. The social program includes the conference lunches from Monday through Thursday, the welcome reception on Sunday evening, the catering during the Rump Session on Tuesday evening, and the banquet on Wednesday evening. Please use Form A for registration to the conference, incl. registration to the accompanying persons program.

Conference Venue

Eurocrypt 2002 is organized by the Coding and Crypto group of the Technical University of Eindhoven at the Hotel Okura, which lies in the south of Amsterdam, near the A10 ringway. The hotel can be reached from Schiphol by Airport-Hotel Shuttle, by taxi or by public transport in about 15 to 30 minutes. Hotel Okura is a 24-stories tall 5-star hotel, with a marvelous view over Amsterdam and with its own pier on the Amstel canal.

Location of hotels

Hotel Okura is at the asterisk *.

Hotel Accomodation

Please be advised to book early for best rates and availability. The Amsterdam high season starts already in March. Also, note that April 30 is Queensday, a Dutch National Holiday, which attracts many people to Amsterdam, most of them Dutch people visiting Amsterdam for one day or night. Expect crowds in the inner center of Amsterdam on Monday night (April 29) from about 10 PM till late and on Tuesday (April 30) from about 10 AM to 8 PM. Dress code: orange. The inner center is depicted as the orange (dark-colored) semi-circle on the map.

There are three options for booking a hotel room:

  • Conference Hotel Okura

    Hotel Okura offers special rates for Eurocrypt attendees, starting at 168 per room per night for a single room. A Royal Dutch Breakfast Buffet is offered at 22 per person.
    Use Form B to book a room at Hotel Okura. The deadline for booking rooms in the Okura is February 28, 2002, after which date the reduced rates cannot be guaranteed.

  • Book a room through RAI Hotel Service

    We keep a list of hotels and room rates for bookings done through RAI Hotel Service.
    Use Form C to book a room through RAI Hotel Service, or book a room through RAI Hotel Service's website at this RAI Hotel Service Eurocrypt 2002 booking page. The deadline for booking rooms through RAI Hotel Service is February 21, 2002, after which date the reduced rates cannot be guaranteed.

  • Book a room yourself

    We keep a list of hotel booking sites for booking rooms in Amsterdam, covering all categories from 1-star up to 5-star hotels. A large variety of rooms is offered and there are many ways to make reservations through the internet or quite often directly by phone.

Travel Information

See The Internet Guide to Amsterdam for travel information and information on hotels, restaurants and much more.

Visa Requirements

To visit the Netherlands, you will need proper documentation. A visa is required for visitors from some countries (no visa is required for visitors from the European Union, Canada and the US). Please visit the Netherlands Embassy in your country for more information.

An official letter of invitation will be sent by the General Chair upon request. It is understood that such an invitation is intended to help potential delegates raise travel funds or obtain a visa. It is not a commitment on the part of the Organizing Committee to provide any financial support.


As part of the extra social and spouse program it is possible to book excursions through the Eurocrypt organization. Please use Form B to book these excursions. For more information go to this Excursions page.